Kristen fell in love with Yoga in 2009 when her employer’s HR Manager brought in Yoga for their employees as a method of stress management to their Insurance Agency.  Over the years since, several teachers have come and gone, some teachers not really melding well with the specific needs what students “at work” needed.  Most teachers were young, thin & (unintentionally) intimidated most employees with their extreme flexibility and speed in which the sequences flowed.  Having found a place to practice in Seymour, TN with Wise Mountain Yoga with a mature teacher renewed her love for yoga.  Teacher Sandy Palmer offered the use of props to aid in the asana practice.  Introduction to these props was what triggered the light bulb within and from there grew the desire to know more about Yoga and making yoga more accessible to a broader range of people.  At the suggestion of her teacher to take a  course to become a teacher herself,  Kristen graduated yoga teacher training from the Glowing Body Studio in Knoxville, TN in 2014 where she learned so much more than just asana practice.  Learning from great teachers such as B.K.S. Iyengar trained Cindy Dollar and Gabriel Halpern, and Pranayama expert Richard Rosen in the Glowing Body Teacher Training program help to spark the thirst for knowledge to helps others just like her. After graduating she continues to add teaching tools to her teacher toolbox by continued education and becoming a certified Curvy Yoga instructor from the body positive trailblazer  from Anna Guest-Jelley and recently added a Yoga for All certification from Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes. She wishes to spread the knowledge and enthusiasm that yoga is not just for the young and flexible. No one is never too old, or too disabled, or too (fill in the blank) for yoga.

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