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Let’s Recharge!

In today’s everyday life and the need to rush, rush, rush, we all pretty much suffer from Adrenal Fatigue.


What is adrenal fatigue you may ask?  That is the end result of constantly living life in the state of “flight or fight”, otherwise known as Chronic Stress. We are so over stimulated with social media, daily world affairs, the job- with all it’s demands to always do more, make more, be more! Don’t forget the family time demands as well.  We unknowingly place ourselves in this state where even after decent nights sleep we STILL feel exhausted and feel sometimes even worse than before we went to bed.  This is Adrenal Fatigue.

This past weekend I attended a well needed and deserved  Restorative class myself as part of my Self-care Sunday practice. That had been the first time I had take a studio class for some time as most of the time I practice at home.  It was GLORIOUS! I felt like an ooey gooey warm brownie (if I were a desert) afterwards. I highly recommend taking one once a month, your body, mind, and probably your family, co-workers and boss will thank you later! If you can’t get out and take a formal restorative class, drop me a line if you are a local and I will be happy to set up an appointment and I will bring the classroom to you and provide a private restorative session just for you!



Disclaimer: This was not from this weekend.  


Until Next time,

Namaste my friends!