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Not your Mom’s or Granny’s Yoga


So far, 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for


2016 and 2017 can go suck it as far as years go, but at the risk of jinxing myself, 2018 is turning around quite nicely!

So I am doing this “thing” (as the younger generation says) in April 2018!  I am totally stoked!  Even though I have been teaching for a few years, this will be my first time teaching Yoga in a formal “studio”  I am familiar with this studio as I took my Yoga Teacher Training here and it feels like I’ll be “coming home”.  Being that I am also a member of my “teaching  targeted demographic”, I know I can bring a new prospective to some students and hopefully new folks on what it’s like to step outside our comfort zones and get re-acquainted with our bodies. cropped-img_20160331_211012.jpg  We take our bodies for granted so much until at which time we lose the range of mobility in some areas of the body we enjoyed and took for granted in our youth . We think we are pretty much invincible in our 20’s and 30’s, and once we get to the 40’s reality starts setting in and before you know it, you’re 50 something and all of a sudden we are like, “Holy Shit! where did the time go, why don’t things work like they used to!!??”  We get so caught up in our daily lives that time passes faster and faster with each passing day.  We forgot to be mindful and we just get caught up in the Merry-go-round of life.

The studies are right you know, sitting is really is the new smoking!



I can attest to that, as my 9-5 job is predominantly sitting.  The only exercise I get  during work hours is when I have to run to the restroom or to run to the printer/copier and when  I teach my lunchtime Yoga classes.  And, even though I said run, that was pretty much an exaggeration since it’s more of a hobble/walk because I sat too long trying to accomplish just one more thing before I get up.  So, I have witnessed what a sedentary work style can do to  first hand! And as I age, it is not getting any easier.   Momma was right!  Growing old isn’t for sissies!!

I did breakdown and I bought myself a new chair for work so I could get in some extra movement at my desk.  It took a week or so to get used to it, but I highly recommend them! I love my Yoga ball Chair!active-activity-ball-exercise-41213.jpeg




March is a big month so far as well, I have seen an uptick in attendance in my  yoga classes and  I also decided to take the plunge and are making steps toward a more healthy lifestyle with less harmful chemicals in the household and utilizing essential oils by incorporating Young Living products into our lives.

The March event that I am MOST excited about is becoming  community partner with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition! I can’t wait to incorporate this partnership with my teaching work! I encourage you to check out their work!



So stay tuned for more exciting things to come!  Yea, 2018 is turning into a great year so far!!!

Namaste friends!